Bitcoin as a protocol? Yep Now Accepted as a Standard.

The HTML5 spec has just whitelisted the bitcoin protocol in order to allow web sites and web apps to register themselves as possible handlers for this protocol. Therefore, it’s now possible in the last chromium build to register your bitcoin app/site by calling navigator.registerProtocolHandler.

The full Protocol details and URI scheme can be found on the bitcoin wiki and is definitely a must read for anyone about to create a bitcoin enabled site.

Currently most browsers will support bitcoin: linking, but making it into the official documentation and being whitelisted is yet another step towards making Bitcoin part of everyday. The more little wins like this that the Bitcoin community gets the faster the word will travel and widespread adoptation will have to happen. What does this mean in laments terms? When you click a link on the web that requires you to do a Bitcoin transaction, your computer will know to start up and open your installed bitcoin client of choice.