Need a Hookah or Electronic Cigarette? I’ve Got You!

I have struggled for a while trying to decide if I should go into business for myself. The problem always has been with ideas. I am not very good at coming up with business ideas, though I’m great at execution. I have started doing webdesign and penetration testing as a freelancer, but it never grew as I’m not much of a marketer either.

In the mean time in my personal life, I have become quite the Hookah Enthusiast. I often spend my free time in the company of my close friends, enjoying a good conversation and a great hookah.

About a year ago I also personally began the journey of quitting cigarettes. To help me and to not completely lose my cool, I tried electronic cigarettes, and was able to completely quit analogs.

So here I am now, combining my love for Hookah and my devotion to electronic cigarettes. I’ve joined forced with a few enthusiast friends and we have opened up MistHub. is now a premier source of Luxury Hookah, Hookah Accessories, Electronic Cigarette Super Store!

Please check out, as well as our FaceBook Page, and Twitter Accounts. Follow the social media accounts for discounts, news, and product announcements.

We of course accept Bitcoin.