I am Andre Timokhin and I am a Computer Geek.

I have worked in the computer field since 1998. Since the beginning of my career I have held many titles: Sr Web Developer, Software Engineer, Search Engine Optimization Specialist, Systems Administrator, Infrastructure Manager to name a few.

Currently I manage an IT Department for a company with approximately 60 users. I am responsible for uptime and operations of all current IT Infrastructure along with all technology initiatives for a rapidly growing and expanding business. In the last year I participated as a Project Manager on a successful ERP/CRM roll out. The project involved completely cutting over from a sunsetting, inadequate, slow and featureless system to a cloud based solution from NetSuite. After hundreds of man hours of planning, preparing, customizing, testing, configuring and retesting, I personally project managed the Go-Live weekend. A weekend long cutover process was scripted, meticulously tested, and finally executed without a glitch. New System went live Monday Morning at 100% capacity. This project allowed my employer to increase sales, streamline and automate business processes, and decrease operating costs. The custom reporting capability of the new system allows for drastic improvements in business transparency for the executive team allowing for quick decisions to be made based on live accurate data.

In my previous roles, I functioned primarily as a Software Engineer using creativity, ingenuity, patience, persistence and open source tools such as PHP, Apache, MySQL, and Linux to create high impact ecommerce applications. I have addressed such needs as development, SEO, Tracking and Analytics, and A/B Testing for several organizations.

I enjoy challenges. My current hobby is building virtual labs and penetration and vulnerability testing against them utilizing a mix of Metasploit, BackTrack, and a collection of personal scripts and tools. Understanding how malicious attackers gain access to networks, in a controlled environment, is the first step to understanding how to secure networks from ever expanding persistent threats.

This website contains a blog of my personal views on security, technology, technology products, exploits, and generally anything that catches my eyes. The views expressed on this blog do not reflect the views of my employer or anyone other than myself.